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Baby Steps into the Vaping World

Being a mother, my child’s health and safety is and always will be my primary concern. However, when it came to my “mommy time” during nap time, I started to actually feel the guilt of my guilty pleasure. I’m a mother! How could I still be smoking cigarettes while my pride and joy is asleep in their bedroom? Knowing something had to change, I hopped on the Internet in hopes of finding an end to the madness.

That’s when I came across an interesting article (www.huffingtonpost.ca/james-di-fiore/vaping_b_9816016.html). This article really hit home for me and gave me the inspiration to look further into vaping and I was not disappointed. It was at that point that I made the decision to put the cigarettes down and chose to vape.

One of the best parts was that I didn’t even have to leave my home to start!  I was able to sit on my couch while my little one was fast asleep and find everything I needed with no hassle.

After doing all my research and finding the device I found suitable for my needs, the next step was figuring out what kind of flavored e-juice I wanted. I found out that there are a lot of options to choose from. SO MANY FLAVORS. How do you choose? Luckily, my stress was eased after I came across the website, LoveVape+. With the simplicity of having their juices organized by exact flavors, I was able to find the perfect e juice to start off with: Juice Roll Upz. Maybe I’m just silly or it could be the sweet tooth talking, but this one stood out to me. I always loved the actual Fruit Roll Up snacks, so this really grabbed me.

Once I received everything and tried it out, I was absolutely stunned. I had come so accustomed to the taste of a regular cigarette that it seemed so unusual to actually enjoy the taste of what I was inhaling. Not only was it satisfying to actually enjoy the taste, but this flavor tasted legitimately like the real thing! If all ejuices taste like this then I am know I am going to be one happy mama.

I am so happy that I took the steps needed to quit smoking. Smoking cigarettes gave me a sense of relief, while vaping has given me a sense of enjoyment while also providing that stress reliever. When I say stress reliever now, I mean it in so many ways. I get the physical stress reliever that smoking cigarettes brought me, but I also don’t have the stress of rushing to put a cigarette out because my little one is up earlier than expected; I don’t have the stress of hopping in the shower to do a quick rinse-off so no toxins get passed from me to them; I don’t have any of that stress anymore because I made the decision to change my life for my family and myself.

If you’re struggling with giving up cigarettes, I encourage you – make the change. You won’t be disappointed.